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I Wish I Could Eat a Rainbow

I wish I could eat a rainbowI wish I could eat a rainbow, Mommy.
I would grab it in my fingers and slurp it
like spaghetti, rainbow juices
dripping down my chin.

What would it taste like?, I asked her with a smile.

It would taste like clouds and sunshine
and mist and M&M’s,
lemonade and cherry with strawberries and whipped cream.
It would taste like flowers and the green of spring–
maybe for you the purple would taste like wine, but not for me–
for me it would taste like grape popsicle.
It would be very filling.  My belly would be full from eating that rainbow.

I wish I could eat a rainbow too, I said.

You can, Mommy! There’s one for you, grab it quick before it flies away!

And so I closed my eyes and reached up,
pulled the rainbow to my lips,
and tasted a miracle.

©Heidi Howes 2012

What would your rainbow taste like?  Let me know in the comments below…